Tips for Property Investment and How to Increase the Value of Buildings

Estate investment: purchasing for profit

Real estate is one of the few markets that is present in any city or town, because owning or renting a place to live is one of the basic needs for a civilized life. However, not everybody who purchases a property does it with the purpose of living in it. For some people, buying a property is an investment. They mean to make money in the future thanks to such transaction. 

Of course, there are risks in any kind of investment. As properties are usually very expensive, many people may think that it is easy to make money out of them; even a little slice of the price, a small percentage of any estate transaction, is a lot of money on its own. Some may feel attracted by the possibility of earning a lot of cash this way. Nobody should take such a risk without giving it a little tought first. 

Myth and reality on estate investment

Making money out of properties that you own is not as easy as it seems. A great deal of how good of a business you can make relies on the specific moment in the market. In times when the value of properties is in constant rise, you can buy some properties, wait for a while and then sell them to someone else. The money that you will make is the difference between the price of the property the day you bought it and its new price the day that you sold it. This is a very simple, in some cases quite predictable way of investing. 

However, this model does not work in cases like the present day, when prices of properties are not in constant growth. There are other possibilities for investing in real estate, though. For example, you can use a scheme usually called "buy to let". In this case, you accquire a property and rent it to a third party in order to make monthly money. Nevertheless, this is not a very god idea either, especially if you want to get your money back and start making some profit soon. The buy to let scheme will not provide any money gain for the first fifteen or even twenty years; before then, the sum of all your rent will not be bigger than the price of the property itself. For more information on these schemes, Click here.

What is, then, the best idea for estate investment in these days? 

Valorizing properties

In the present day, the best way of making money out of real estate is somehow similar to the basic scheme of purchasing, waiting for the value of the property to grow and then selling it at a higher price, but with a substantial difference. What will make the property be worth more is not time but fixes. You can buy a property for a low price, improve it, and then sell it with the added value of all your fixes and additions.

There have been successful cases of modifying old constructions to revalue them and then selling them at a higher price. Luxury historic design with mod cons is becoming a trend, and architects are being hired or even set in motion their own projects of modernizing old buldings, some of them historical, to sell them to snobs and overall rich people.

An example of revaluing a property

Wood is one of the materials that can become more deteriorated with time if not treated properly. It is common that wooden doors and windows need to be fixed and even replaced in old properties. If you want to upgrade a certain building to make it be worth more money, checking windows and changing them is usually a good idea. Now that you are replacing them, why not enhace the property by putting something more practical and modern instead?

Windows can be covered either by blinds or by shutters. Usually, none of them is actually better than the other one, it is just a choice of style. In some cases, however, it is not. In example, you can hire a window installations plantation shutters company to install plantation shutters in your living room, in order to give the house a warmer and classier feel. This is not the best choice for a bedroom, tough. If you use a room to sleep you will need complete blockage of the light, and in this case, blackout roller blinds will be perfect. Click here to Read more about the differences between shutters and blinds and in which cases they are more recommendable for an installation. 

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